Bucks Gaming Selects Six Players in NBA 2K League Draft to Form First-Ever Team

Bucks Gaming selected the first six players in team history today during the NBA 2K League Draft. The six players will compete in the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League, which tips off in May and consists of 17 teams.

Bucks Gaming had the 10th overall pick in the draft and selected point guard DRAKE GRIFFIN (Aaron Rookwood) as the first draft choice in team history. A transcript of his press conference from New York following his selection in the draft is attached. The full list of 2018 draft selections for Bucks Gaming, who will comprise the first-ever Bucks Gaming team, is below:

2018 Bucks Gaming Roster

Name Gamer Tag State Position Round/Pick
Aaron Rookwood DRAKE GRIFFIN New York PG 1st/10th Overall
Timothy Anselimo oLARRY Florida C 2nd/25th Overall
Jacob Walls Procis1on Illinois SG 3rd/44th Overall
Mark Hampton Jr. XxSTL2LAxX Missouri SF 4th/59th Overall
Matthew Hofmann KinG PeroXide New York PF 5th/78th Overall
Jovan Tenner BigBaby2k Texas SF 6th/93rd Overall

The players in today’s draft were selected from a pool of 102 draftees that were chosen by the league after an extensive tryout process that began in January 2018. Each team had to use their first five selections to select a point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward and center (in any order they chose) before using their final pick to select a player from any position.

For more information on Bucks Gaming, follow the team on Twitter (@BucksGG) and Instagram (@BucksGG).