Bucks Gaming Selects Four Players in NBA 2K League Draft

Team drafts Milwaukee-native SlayIsland in First Round

Bucks Gaming selected four players in today’s NBA 2K League Draft to complete its roster for the 2019 NBA 2K League season. The four draft selections will join returning players Aaron “Game6Drake” Rookwood and Jovan “BigMeek” Tenner from last year’s team to compose the 2019 Bucks Gaming team that will compete against 20 other teams in the 2019 NBA 2K League.

Bucks Gaming had two selections in the First Round of today’s draft, which it used to select Tyler “Plondo” Lay with the sixth overall pick and Milwaukee-native Stephen “SlayIsland” Lay with the 17th overall selection. The team finished out the 2019 NBA 2K League Draft by selecting Chad “chaddynick” Fodderie in the Second Round (26th overall) and Robert “RSG” Harter in the Fourth Round (60th overall).

The complete 2019 Bucks Gaming roster is below.

2019 Bucks Gaming Roster
Name Gamer Tag State Round/Pick
Tyler Lay Plondo Idaho 1st/6th Overall
Stephen Lay SlayIsland Wisconsin 1st/17th Overall
Chad Fodderie chaddynick Texas 2nd/26th Overall
Robert Harter RSG Louisiana 4th/60th Overall
Aaron Rookwood Game6Drake New York Returning Player
Jovan Tenner BigMeek Texas Returning Player


The 18-week 2019 NBA 2K League season will begin on Tuesday, April 2, with THE TIPOFF, and will run through the 2019 NBA 2K League Finals in early August. In addition to competing in weekly-matchups, teams will compete for $1.2 million in prize money during three in-season tournaments and playoffs.

Through a tryout process, the NBA 2K League determined a pool of 150 new players who were eligible for today’s draft. In addition to the pool of 150 new players, the draft pool consisted of players who competed in the inaugural season, were not protected by their original team for season two, and successfully met the Combine requirements.